3D Printed Blaster By Airzone

This is an original Foam Dart Blaster called "Mackrel" Features: Brushless flywheel motors Solenoid pusher Internal mag with 12 short dart capacity - top loading Pistol format Battery is in grip It is expected that this blaster will be made semi-auto, but auto / select fire is also OK. What you need: Printed Parts 2 x Emax RS 1408 brushless motors - 3600kv 1 x Magpul MOE AR15 grip (don't use an airsoft clone) 1 x FJ-Z05 solenoid (2.5a, not 400ma) 1 x drum spring from Foamblast 2mm pin by ~20mm 2.8mm pins with flat heads (I just cut down some nails) M3 / M3.5 x 8mm screws for solenoid (get what matches solenoid) 2 x M3 x 45mm sockethead bolts (These go from the rear frame, through the mag, and into the motor cage) 2 x M3 x 8mm sockethead bolts (These go from the motor cage support into the motor cage) 1 x M3 x 10mm sockethead bolt (holds the microswitch down) 4 x ebay heated thread inserts (get a pack of various sizes - but I tend to use 6mm and 4mm for the motor cage) A selection of M2.6 self-tapping screws in 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, and 6mm 15a microswitch Wire XT30 connectors Optionally 5mm IR LED with photo diode in matching wavelength + 100 ohm resistor Optionally Magnetic mounting system 3S or 4S LiPO (3s - Bolt 500 with XT30; 4s - BetaFPV 450 with XT30) Electronics: This blaster is made to be compatible with Narfduino Brushless Compleat and Narfduino Brushless Compact. However with careful component selection, you can also use blheli_32 and a small microcontroller + mosfet + buck converter (or just buy a Narfduino). Source code is included for Narfduino Brushless Compleat/Compact. Solenoid Modification The blaster will operate just fine with the solenoid as it comes, but you can shave parts of the solenoid to get a couple of extra mm of throw. If you do this, use the "Pusher Extd" model. To modify the solenoid: Remove plunger. Remove about 3mm of the black base and sand flush with the metal slug. Sand the black base to make it slightly thinner if you want to add an additional spring (I used a stock 35mm solenoid spring - they're shit normally) Use a knife to trim the back of the solenoid body where the plunger's guide extends past the body. Carefully open the solenoid body by prying apart the shell and popping out the front plate. Remove the bushing from the solenoid core. Drill about 6-10mm from the inside of the bushing out. Then trim about 3mm of the rear of the bushing to make it shorter. Ensure it's flat. Reinstall is reverse of disassembly. You should now have a few extra mm of throw Build notes Use the 2mm pin to hold the trigger in place. Trigger should swivel freely on the pin Run the main power harness through the blaster body on the left. Once you are happy with it, install the switch If you print the grip, make sure there is enough room for the LiPO and you have a mounting hole as well as the wiring hole I used 18awg main battery wires, and 20awg for the solenoid. To make the switch fit, cut off the NC terminal, insulate it, and fold the NO terminal across the top You will need to tap the threads for the magnetic holster mount The mag spring may need the top u-bend to be squished a bit Licensing Non-commercial license is in effect. This license flows to derivative works. You are free to remix / modify the blaster as you see fit. Wanna make a brushed version? OK. Wanna make a springer version? Cool. Wanna make it take FDL electronics? Fine. If you post a remix, please link back to the original Commercial use is allowed with the purchase of a Narfduino board at a ratio of one board = one commercial build Attributions Ansuzalgiz: Hummingbird for the AR15 grip concepts Thanhtacles: Kathana for some of the mag concepts Woody / Tobu: for other mag concepts PewPew: for motivating me to pull my thumb out and finish this project PFDL: for the barrel attachment concept Demo

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