Caliburn HPA

3D Printed Blaster By 55samba

Photos along with below should explain this. These are the HPA - LPA specific prints. The mag is based off the talon claw, take-down or mono. You should be able to use a Caliburn Carbine mag-well also. EDIT: I should point out the parts list was specifically designed so you don't have to use a brass breach, it allows you to use standard Caliburn barrels. There are brass breach files for the caliburn others have made. This is to let you use the SPECBZ tank and a brass pusher with a printed o-ring tip into a Caliburn .527 or .509 barrel. The .509 barrel at 14 inches hits 300+ at 70 psi.
Based on a Spectre SPEXBZ aluminum tank 1, 1/8TH BSA to 1/8TH NPT fitting 2 x, 1/8th to 1/8th 90 degree male to female fitting 1, Clippard MJV0-3 valve K&S Brass tubing 8138 15/32 x .014 x 12" (Cut to 85mm, the slide from the SPEXBZ) 8139 1/2 x .014 x 12" (Cut to 81mm for the pusher and 12-17mm spacer) 8140 17/32 x .014 x 12" (Cut to 12-17mm) 8141 9/16 x .014 x 12" (Cut to 12-17mm) McMaster 89965K471 5-16th aluminum tubing cut to 6 7/8- 6 15/16 (this is the old Caliburn threaded rod tubing). This is the rod to push the valve. Use the printed cap for the end with a 4/40 screw. I also run a screw through the trigger to the rod. Look at photos. Use whatever front you want, but the mag-well has to be a short dart magwell.
Gorilla super glue to glue to tip to the pusher. There is a tip for a 5.09 barrel or a standard fit caliburn barrel.

Master Blaster List
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