Talon Claw

3D Printed Blaster By 55samba

7/31/2019, no need to re-download, just cleaning up the files to make the orange blaster in the photo. I did use 3 of slugs remix files that I like better than mine. I made this blaster for my family use. I use lower spring loads in the 150 and less range. I don't claim this blaster is safe, or that I am an engineer. So you are responsible to evaluate if it is safe, especially if your prints are safe, even more so as you increase spring loads. Cleaned up the files. Now that you can buy a hardware kit the tools to drill a standard kit, the mono magwell files, K26 stuff, other options etc are in the zip folder. The files here are what is needed to make the orange blaster. You don't have to make it with a butt stock or the knuckle buster. You must modify the stock Caliburn hardware. Remove 40mm from the tube Shorten the front and rear of the aluminum prime bars with the included drill jigs Re-tap the front handle screew. Cut threaded rods to fit Remove 33.5mm from the aluminum o-ring ram rod. 10/32 rods, 2 F lower 8 7/8", 1 F upper 9 3/8, 1 r upper 8 7/8, 2 r lower 8 3/4 (sub 12 3/4 with fixed stock). These are minimum lengths.

There is a K31-K26 piston and a K25-788-OMW 5KG piston. If you want to use a 788 or K25 spring you need to use a 8KG butt plate as it allows extra room for the spring to compress. I get the best results with a standard Caliburn barrel cut to 12 inches. A 788, K25, or K26 should be cut to just barely provide pre-load, maybe 1/4 inch.
Current set is wildcard dual take-down. There is a wide Talon only release. Old files in zip. K26 stuff etc. I only use the large spring files, 788, K25 and a variety of worker and OMW springs.

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