3D Printed Blaster By 06CalendarGirl

Based on the Arbalest crossbow, this spring version uses a full Pro 25 or 26 from Turf springs to fire darts up to 300 FPS(UPDATE: these numbers were faulty, with a K26 and AFpros the blaster can hit 240-260 fps). The Aquebus uses the same bearings as the Arbalest for a light, short 3 1/2" prime. It has more than enough rail to mount all of your accessories. Like the Arbalest the Arquebus can be setup with a straight or angled magwell and is easy to reload. Hardware kits available from the Artificial Armory. Build Manual Print Notes TPU Parts Grip Sleeve Buttpad Parts with 5 walls Core Mag Release Parts with 10 walls Trigger Sear Sear Lifter Front Linkage Rear Linkage Arm Strap Cheek Wrest Retention Pin Require Support Core Magwell Pistol Grip Pump Shuttle Butt Stock One cam should be inverted along the width Must have at least 220x220 print bed size. Will not be printable on Prusa mini or similarly sized printer.

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