3D Printed Blaster By 06CalendarGirl

All the power of the Mistresskey with the Flexibility of the Meaker shell swapping system! Based on the Mega firing Mistresskey this blaster totes a 5.5 inch section of K26 and can be mounted onto any Picatinny rail. Provides 3.5 inches of height if you want to use it as a rail riser and an excellent match with an open red dot site. Mistresskey 1.2 Updates from 1.0 Added spacing to many areas for greater tolerance when printing Beveled many edges to reduce post processing requirements Eliminated difficult to print section on Rear Body Added an inner ring to Rear Body to reduce needed plunger tube length Added an inset rim on Front Body for true seal* Designed ambidextrous catch mechanism** Switched out two more 10-32 nuts for lock nuts to simplify later build steps

These updates will also apply to the Meakerkey model *The mk1 did not include a perfect seal because too much power tended to make the mega dart flight paths too erratic. We plan to have an optional longer barrel available to compensate for those who would like it. **The ambidextrous catch uses one more 4-40 screw and one more catch spring than the single sided catch does. The parts also need to be printed at high infill due to their small size. As such the cost of the ambi catch option will be a slightly higher.

Parts list Shells can be found here from Meaker Build Guide:

Master Blaster List
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